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Name: Rob Murphy
Country: UK Date: Fri Jun 30 15:34:56 2006
Comment: nice site!

Name: kevin
Country: usa Date: Wed Jun 28 21:18:53 2006
Comment: greatsite

Name: Eudora Bastian
Country: UK Date: Fri Jun 23 08:03:02 2006
Comment: User friendly kudos!

Name: John Bonn
Country: Scotland Date: Wed Jun 21 13:07:50 2006
Comment: Most excellent site!

Name: Brett Bellomo
Country: Minnesota,USA Date: Mon Jun 19 21:09:33 2006
Comment: Very well put together guestbook. I love commenting on guestbook's like this. Thank you for showing variety in messages put on here, makes Gambia look very good. Gambia is important to political processes for me in Africa.Brett Bellomo,mtka,mn.

Name: Aji Awa Colley
Country: Gambia Date: Fri Jun 16 09:11:22 2006
Comment: Keep up the good work witth your internett page. It is important that people see a different side of the Gambia then what is exposed in the papers.

Name: Bubacarr Sawaneh
Country: The Gambia Date: Wed Jun 14 14:51:19 2006
Comment: I was impressed when i saw your website and as a patriotic pan Africans, I always look for successful countrymates like you.

I did my high school in georgetown [ ARMITAGE - 1993] . One thing I always campaign for is that: No matter where ever you are or what ever you might get abroad we should always try to regroup ourselves back home to develop on the little foundation.

No matter who is heading the country, yet we should contribute our enamours skills in to the gambia becau

Name: Michael Crane
Country: USA Date: Sun Jun 11 05:06:26 2006
Comment: Great site.

Name: Pianki NefaKara
Country: USA Date: Fri Jun 9 22:46:41 2006
Comment: This is a wonderful site about a wonderful person. I am so sorry I did not get to know him in person.

Name: Bobby Lawler
Country: USA Date: Fri Jun 9 19:18:41 2006
Comment: Nice website

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