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Name: rene
Country: the netherlands Date: Mon Sep 29 19:56:37 2003
Comment: great site, looked for school of the deaf couldn't find recent info but it's ok. will visit the gambia again and hope to win the heart of my gambian girlfriend

Name: ngoneh jobe (Homepage)
Country: united kingdom Date: Fri Sep 26 16:56:40 2003
Comment: i am happy to see a gambian in the internet and it up with good work thank you

Name: JALLOH ABUBAKAR (Homepage)
Country: Guinea Date: Sat Sep 13 02:15:02 2003
Comment: i love the website and i want an auto reply
yours faithful.

Name: Rozetta
Country: U.S Date: Thu Sep 4 18:32:57 2003
Comment: I just wanted to say that i think the site is very informative. I am an American but I lived in the Gambia for a year with the Ceesay Family. Just one street over from the market. The pictures brought back good memories. I know that in my life time I will only be able to experience the Gambia like a Gambian. Again I just wanted to say that i love the site Thank you

Name: Omar Sallah (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Tue Sep 2 06:16:25 2003
Comment: Your web Page rock! I am proud of you. I also have my website and I would like you and I to twin our site.

Name: paul (Homepage)
Country: UK Date: Mon Aug 25 23:15:15 2003
Comment: Sites like this are so necesary to educate those of us who can't make the trip across the ocean. thank you.

Name: jim (Homepage)
Country: usa Date: Mon Aug 25 23:12:05 2003
Comment: Intriguing information, I never knew!! Keep updating please.

Name: pascal francis mendy (Homepage)
Country: uk Date: Sat Aug 23 21:35:25 2003
Comment: Blessing to my mother land Gambia.As the saying goes "every gernation revolts agains it's father and make friends with it's grandfather.President Jammeh and his cabinet are great. Who is blind? If you say they are wrong,then why not you describe the effects.Thanks to President Jammeh and Isatou for their great work and developments.

Name: rasmus
Country: Greenland Date: Thu Aug 21 16:10:27 2003
Comment: Hi Momodou, itís an impressing web site you have made!
And welcome to Greenland, and to the company, hope that you will like it here, at "the coolest place on earth" ;-)

Name: Mamfatou Fanneh.
Country: United States. Date: Thu Aug 21 03:11:56 2003
Comment: Well done Mr.Camara,you did a very good job.Keep it up.

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