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Name: Maimuna Coker
Country: DANMARK Date: Wed Aug 20 16:26:38 2003
Comment: Hey Momodou ,Keep up with the great work..We luv u'r site....Greetings To all my brothers and sisters....Mai Coker.

Name: Valeene Vanijah
Country: USA Date: Wed Aug 20 10:34:02 2003
Comment: This is a wonderfully informative site. I hope to make a trip to Ghana before year's end. Gambia maybe another time. I wish you the best, achoti! Seed of my Mom

Name: T
Country: USA Date: Fri Aug 8 17:58:05 2003
Comment: Just wonderful - thank you for the information and knowledge.

Name: han van lierop (Homepage)
Country: Netherlands Date: Tue Aug 5 17:06:09 2003
Comment: Thank you for this wonderfull site in where you express the real Gambia as it is.
Hope we'll meet again another time on the djembe-internet.

Name: Anna-Lise Guldbrand
Country: Danmark Date: Tue Aug 5 11:50:27 2003
Comment: Dejligt at se og genopleve billeder fra Gambia. Vi elsker landet, og skal derned igen for tredie gang december 2003

Name: Sharissa (Homepage)
Country: Canada Date: Thu Jul 24 18:13:09 2003
Comment: I am visiting this site for the second time and I thought I would leave some comments. I Really love your web site. Great colors and layout. Nicely Done!!!
Visit mine

Name: Mohamed
Country: United States Date: Thu Jul 24 14:32:53 2003
Comment: Thank you so much for the effort and comittment.
Your hardwork is appreciated by many.Keep up the
This was my first time,and i had a real good time
going through the site.
God bless us all here and abroad.
Bye with lots of love to The Gambia.
Mohamed Njai,Columbus, Ohio-U.S.A.

Name: Lamin
Country: Canada Date: Sun Jul 13 14:32:13 2003
Comment: Hi Momodou, Thank you or this great site on Gambia.

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