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Name: mazda (Homepage)
Country: Date: Mon Aug 22 11:23:11 2005
Comment: Thanks for your great resource! I’ve found lots of useful information! Thanks again!

Name: diet (Homepage)
Country: Date: Sun Aug 21 19:18:31 2005
Comment: Thanks so very much for taking your time to create this very useful and informative site. I have learned a lot from your site. Thanks!!

Name: Fimbo (Homepage)
Country: Kenya Date: Sat Aug 20 18:24:06 2005
Comment: Excellent work Momodou. You may want to promote your website on ours too. We welcome all Africa related websites at: . just sign up and promote yours free.

God blesss Africa!

Name: Tony Robbins
Country: Date: Sat Aug 20 15:50:22 2005
Comment: No, not that Tony. :)
Everyone asks me that!

Name: Mal Irina (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Sat Aug 20 12:41:55 2005
Comment: Your website is an amazing piece of work! Thank You!

Name: ian
Country: britain Date: Thu Aug 18 03:03:44 2005
Comment: great site ,makes me feel like i,m still in the country.well put together.keep the good work up.

Name: Francesco Sinibaldi (Homepage)
Country: Italy Date: Wed Aug 17 18:54:06 2005
Comment: L'étoile du soleil.

L'étoile sucrée et tendre du soleil ranime où
la chanson du cop devient mélodie, et partout
le rose coucher de soleil meut dans...

Name: yasmin
Country: london Date: Tue Aug 16 02:12:37 2005
Comment: i am a gambian but i live in london and am a muslim just want to give u my msn so dat u cam chat to me

Name: Mansoor Ahmad Mubashir
Country: Pakistan Date: Sun Aug 14 05:26:58 2005
Comment: I miss The Gambia and Gambians
Lived in The Gambia from 1990-1997
Member of Ahmadiyya Muslim community
close friend to Nusrat high School and ahmadiyya Hospital Talinding.

Name: Christine
Country: USA Date: Thu Aug 4 22:28:58 2005
Comment: I think this site is excellent and quite easy to navigate! The pictures are wonderful and the information is fabulous! I am very glad that I found your site!

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