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Name: fasainey
Country: Gambia Date: Thu Nov 3 00:25:31 2005
Comment: koollllllllllllllllllll

Name: katim touray
Country: u.k Date: Wed Nov 2 20:42:13 2005
Comment: i am a very proud gambian,hoping to follow the footstep of great african icon like late kwame kruma of ghana who all his life was to bring black africans together,i think it is high time now for african to know that being together will remove us from poverty and stop depending on those who depends on us momodou u are a great man ,keep it up.please i will like to get contact with if you do not question about my ambitious dreams to bring black africans together ,i give my life africa liberation

Name: heatehr
Country: Date: Tue Nov 1 05:23:59 2005
Comment: gtreat site

Name: akine
Country: Date: Mon Oct 31 23:33:21 2005
Comment: nice

Name: Joe Castillas
Country: USA Date: Mon Oct 31 21:18:15 2005
Comment: I live in the USA and enjoy talking to people online.

Name: sapphire (Homepage)
Country: Greece Date: Mon Oct 31 09:52:24 2005
Comment: it 's a very nice site,nice layout,I enjoied my stay in your site.Thank you!!!

Name: Ashley Simmons (Homepage)
Country: UK Date: Sun Oct 30 22:13:42 2005
Comment: I enjoyed your web site - thank you

Name: Reverend Duyer Nutzhert
Country: Date: Fri Oct 28 05:34:41 2005
Comment: God Bless.

Name: Eveline (Homepage)
Country: New Jersey Date: Tue Oct 25 00:32:30 2005
Comment: I am looking for an former Friend,(we are both from germany) after she got married we lost track. How can I find her.
The last address I have was in Mountain View, CA

Name: Diana (Homepage)
Country: New York Date: Mon Oct 24 17:04:03 2005
Comment: Excellent website,enjoyed very much!

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