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Name: Felix De La Cruz
Country: USA Date: Wed Nov 16 03:49:57 2005
Comment: Very interesting. I was unaware of this location.
Near Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico there is an area with smilier circles. They were made by unknown Pre-Columbian people. They are of stone and plaster. Most have been destroyed by treasure hunters.

Name: George Proctor
Country: Germany Date: Tue Nov 15 13:26:29 2005
Comment: Nice site

Name: bert
Country: usa Date: Tue Nov 15 02:34:47 2005
Comment: howdy folks
great site. the color of the writing is the same as my teams colors.

great work.

Name: Ramesses (Homepage)
Country: Rainbow Country Date: Mon Nov 14 12:41:41 2005
Comment: Blesses Rasta: I man really like ur website,keep up da good works always.
Peace: Ramesses!!

Name: soile
Country: england Date: Sun Nov 13 08:45:32 2005
Comment: Nice homepage, I just got a "pen-friend" from Gambia and wanted to know more, since I am not from England even though I live there I know how flattering it is when people care enough to find out things about you or your country.
And your page was really nice, thank you.

Name: katim touray
Country: uk Date: Sat Nov 12 22:30:31 2005
Comment: i am ready to sacrify all my life to africa,i believe the whiteman is still joking with africans,they are murderes,selfish,wicked devils africans are dying while the sit with this nonsense debt (imf,world bank)control by west now they are figthing for terror but so they will start with the africans like me who belief and ready to die for is my life and i will stop the dying with any means necessary no matter what it cost africans will stop dying my request is whiteman get out of AF

Name: Gambling (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Thu Nov 10 21:13:34 2005
Comment: This site is really superb!!! Thank you for you work! Good Luck

Name: Allison Slaton-Bah
Country: U.S.A. Date: Thu Nov 10 20:09:17 2005
Comment: I just stopped by to look at the photos and read the comments. I just married a man from Gambia and am trying to learn and see where he comes from.

Name: Polish Ceramics (Homepage)
Country: Date: Fri Nov 4 09:58:01 2005
Comment: What an awesome website, so user friendly, I have passed it on many times!! LOVE IT!!!!

Name: Astrid (Homepage)
Country: Germany Date: Thu Nov 3 19:22:15 2005
Comment: I have put some information about international groups + meetings in and around Cologne on my homepage:
So if you have any contacts in Cologne, Germany, you may pass this address on to them.

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