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Name: muhammed cham
Country: Gambia Date: Sun Nov 21 18:23:46 2004
Comment: weel i would also like to drop some lines on this guest book its very well organise

Name: mike maga (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Mon Nov 15 07:24:44 2004
Comment: main i dey here brother!!! mugu

Name: akan (Homepage)
Country: Date: Thu Nov 11 09:40:38 2004
Comment: nice nice here

Name: Gema
Country: Spain Date: Wed Nov 10 17:05:14 2004
Comment: Yo! your website is just great. I was in The Gambia this year and sure itīs a beautiful country, very interesting and people are really nice. I sure will go back.

Name: Anta Ceesay
Country: England Date: Mon Oct 4 15:15:32 2004
Comment: well my family are from gambia and i was born in england and i visit when ever possible. i 'm only 15 and i already love the country. ant

Name: Dr. Shyzen McKenzie
Country: USA Date: Wed Sep 15 11:16:39 2004
Comment: I love teh site! Can I invest?

Name: Pa OusmanJoof (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Mon Aug 23 19:36:09 2004
Comment: This is one of the best,oldest and most updated Gambian sites I saw so far.Job well done.Keep it up

Name: Chuck Anderson
Country: USA Date: Sun Aug 22 23:05:25 2004
There is a website called Rank Insignia of the World, which contains colour illustrations of the Insignia of Rank of military and police forces from nations throughout the world.
However, in the African section most of Africa's nations are represented, but Gambia's information is missing. (Senegal has their rank insignia info on the website!!)
The site can be found on .
Gambia's information MUST be added!
Thank you!

Name: J&S Project (Homepage)
Country: italy Date: Sat Aug 21 11:04:40 2004
Comment: Hi friend, your site is very very good!!
Please listen new track

Name: Herbert Stewart (Bakary)
Country: Spain Date: Sat Aug 7 00:08:44 2004
Comment: I spent two years teaching mechanical tech. to studenta at farafenni senior secondary school from 1990-2001. being black whilst I was there I felt a close affinity with the people and the culture. I truly do miss the cultural aspects of life in the Gambia

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