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Name: JACk
Country: usa Date: Mon Mar 28 03:22:25 2005
Comment: Events from the Day of Judgement
In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.
For the last few weeks, the Imam has been telling us about the events that will take place prior to and on the Day of Judgement. The source of information has been the Qur’an and the sound ahadith of the prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.). Today, the Imam has talked about yet another stage or event that will take place on that awesome day, the day of great gathering of all people, the day when each individual w

Name: Topiya Mahesh (Homepage)
Country: India Date: Tue Mar 22 15:19:58 2005
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Name: Gambia Construction Company (Homepage)
Country: Gambia Date: Sun Mar 20 10:55:58 2005
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Name: Elisabeth Westergren
Country: Sweden Date: Thu Mar 17 18:28:46 2005
Comment: Since I recently been visiting Gambia, the village Berefet and met a lot of friendly people, I find myself occupied of thoughts about everything I've experienced there. I'm pleased to read from your guestbook but I'm also sorry to see no comments from this year 2005. I will return!

Name: Gareth Davies
Country: UK Date: Mon Mar 14 04:04:41 2005
Comment: Great job, keep up the good work

Country: UK Date: Sun Mar 13 18:57:36 2005
Comment: HI,am a gambian living inthe uk.was a pleasure going through your website.Am sure you will agree with me that the AKU and AKUMARABOUT have alot in common in terms of language,culture and history.There is no mention of the AKUMARABOUT tribe in any of the gambian websites i have come across.For example,the jahangka and the saraholy have somthing in common,the jola and manjago have alot in common,but all this tribes are treated as individuals and the AKUMARABOUT tribe should be same.

Name: Isma (Homepage)
Country: UK Date: Thu Mar 10 14:26:41 2005
Comment: Hi Momodou keep up the good work. You are such an ambitious man, when i meet you in Denmark the advice you gave me was great and i hope to meet you again in the near future.I heard that you are now in Greenland.

Regards Isma.

Name: mikejettusa (Homepage)
Country: usa Date: Sat Mar 5 12:50:31 2005
Comment: i have always been interested in africa since i was young in 4th grade. i did a report on egypt and never lost the interest. your site was very informative and interesting.

Name: Lamin Camara (Homepage)
Country: United Kingdom Date: Sat Feb 12 14:22:32 2005
Comment: Hi brother,
this is agreat job .keep it up.May God continue to protect our dear nation.

Name: Ajai Njie (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Fri Feb 11 08:53:47 2005
Comment: am proud of the good job you doing, keep it up.

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