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Name: Al Loy (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Thu Aug 4 11:36:42 2005
Comment: Your website is well thought and informative. Thank you for providing a great service.

Country: GAMBIA Date: Wed Aug 3 20:56:53 2005
Comment: Excellent site....this is job well done,keep it up.

Name: ian haynes
Country: united kingdom Date: Tue Aug 2 18:39:06 2005
Comment: excellant place to visit,most people very friendly.improving everytrip.its like my second home.smashing wildlife, looking forward to yet another trip next year.this will be my 11th,just can,t stay away.

Name: Lilo Flores - Carpio
Country: Philippines Date: Tue Jul 26 10:11:13 2005
Comment: great site! been here before when i was trying to track a good good family friend of ours who hails from GAMBIA. to date though, i havent contacted him yet coz we've already transferred residence and changed phone numbers.

i humbly request anyone who knows suruwa to please keep in touch. our family do miss him & we just want to keep in touch. nothing else. thanks & more power!

Name: Baabucarr Diaw
Country: London, U.K. Date: Mon Jul 25 12:05:23 2005
Comment: i was really impressed by your site.could u please include some "sewruba".anyway well done and keep it up.

Name: bill (Homepage)
Country: uk Date: Sat Jul 23 17:41:04 2005
Comment: nice site visit ours some time at the address aboth or this one

Country: UK Date: Sat Jul 23 11:33:35 2005
Comment: Good job well done to creat this website as a form geting your native country and village be known to the outside world.
you are a true examplelary of a true citizen of the African continent. cheers

Name: Obiozor Williams Emeka (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Thu Jul 21 13:54:16 2005
Comment: I always love to come to this site to read about my guys in Gambian music. Abou jeng's story on Black Nature is cool. I miss the musical crew. Abou, I was among the MC's at the official launch of Black Nature's debut album in Banjul.
Please keep us posted on the crew members' activities in the music world. Bravo Daily Observer.

Name: Alhagie Y. Babou
Country: USA Date: Mon Jul 11 07:55:02 2005
Comment: Thank you and God Bless you.

Name: obiozor williams emeka (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Fri Jul 1 18:33:40 2005
Comment: Hi Folks
I always love to come to this site.
You all know my links to Gambians.
That's my second home aside from Nigeria.
Hey, watch out for my third romance book
with background and location in Banjul and Freetown.
It's called 'Back To Her Refuge'...coming this fall 2005.
Big up to Momodou!! Big up Daily Observer Newspaper, Banjul.
Longlive Africa!

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