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Name: Sait M Jaw (Homepage)
Country: Gambia Date: Wed May 19 14:36:04 2004
Comment: It is a lovely website keep it up.i realy love it.good luck to you.

Name: Norna Klingel
Country: USA Date: Thu May 13 14:56:27 2004
Comment: Loved your information.

Name: Clara Kassama
Country: Gambia Date: Wed May 12 01:07:51 2004
Comment: hope all is well

Name: Jawo
Country: Birmingham, UK Date: Tue May 4 00:45:58 2004
Comment: This site is quite exciting!! I never knew such a site existed about The Gambia until this evening when i accidentally came across it through `google`. As a student, I hope to explore a lot from it especially in the areas of travel and tourism in The Gambia...

Name: Serina Evan (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Mon May 3 05:43:44 2004
Comment: , the leading site for jobs in Africa is proud of your site.

Name: Riena Lamar
Country: Date: Thu Apr 22 05:21:14 2004
Comment: Yormah, I took your braiding class at brentwood
high school,I have been trying to get in contact with you.

Name: Benny Okholm (Homepage)
Country: Denmark Date: Mon Apr 12 09:43:37 2004
Comment: I like your side, we visited Gambia in Chrismas time this year, and have a very good time, and get nice conatct with the Gambian people and there culture, we will come back.

Name: matty
Country: swenden Date: Wed Mar 17 00:13:09 2004
Comment: keep up the good work and communication. i wanna say hi to everyone down there, i miss you all.

Name: amanda chambers
Country: england Date: Tue Mar 16 13:46:34 2004
Comment: i am looking for katie koloszko who moved to the gambia a few years ago and i have lost touch with her if anyone knows her please tell her to post a message on this site thank you

Name: dr barbara a clarke egypt
Country: usa Date: Tue Feb 24 21:08:59 2004
Comment: I never even knew there were stone circles in the Gambia region! This is fascinating! Thank you so much. I'm sharing this with my children, grandchildren and students.

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