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Name: Sajdah
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Country: United States Date: Sun Mar 4 17:02:26 2007
Comment: I found the site to be interesting, and informative about The Gambian people, history, and traditions.....My family and I have intentions on visiting The Gambia very soon, and perhaps buying some property there. We look forward to getting to know The Gambia better.

Name: Emeka Willie Obiozor (Homepage)
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Country: USA Date: Thu Mar 1 02:05:55 2007
Comment: I've always loved to check out this site. Good works Momodou. Am actually researching on THE GAMBIA VISION 2020 NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN: THE PLACE OF GIRL-CHILD EDUCATION.
I welcome any information do***ent, data or website anyone can direct me to so that I can write a good report. Thanks, folks!

Name: Jamie Ceesay (Homepage)
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Fri Feb 23 05:42:13 2007
Comment: I am a white chic married to a Gambian. We read the Gambian newspaper online. I would like to say everyone should check out the DELTA 32 gene. It was discovered by Stephen O'Brian and it is a vaccine for HIV/AIDS. This is real stuff, I have studied many years and he proves his research. There is not a drop of proof about Gambian President's cure, he needs to show proof and research. He has humiliated his country becuase many people are laughing at him.


Name: Jouni Jaakkola (Homepage)
Country: Gambia Date: Wed Oct 18 21:33:47 2006
Comment: Well done - beautiful pages!
(I nimbaara, i la sayitoo diyaata baake le.)

Hopely some of your friends in Babylon could contribute to as well.
(Allamaa ali la bankiding doolu, mennu taata manee, ý ye m`maakoyi, fo sayitoo, ngÓ meng dedaa Mandinka to, a fanaa be yiriwaa la le.)

Thank you (Ali abaraka!)

JJ + team (aning n`na kafu˝oolu bee!)

Name: Jo
Country: uk/Gambia Date: Sun Aug 27 10:22:22 2006
Comment: Truly amazing. I have been looking for books on African knowledge systems and history, without much success - and suddenly I find way too much to take in at one sitting. Brilliant - thanks

Name: Dick Payne
Country: USA Date: Thu Aug 17 21:02:24 2006
Comment: Great website! Keep it up.

Name: Prof. G.E. Challenger
Country: UK Date: Thu Aug 17 05:28:00 2006
Comment: Very nice site

Name: lance prober
Country: USA Date: Sun Aug 13 05:10:21 2006
Comment: Site looks good, keep up the good work,

Name: woutje
Country: Belgium Date: Sat Aug 12 22:14:28 2006
Comment: Hi there, is there somebody alive round here?

Name: Randy
Country: USA Date: Fri Aug 11 12:56:13 2006
Comment: An impressive and interesting site.

Name: R. Verton
Country: Date: Sat Aug 5 09:20:21 2006
Comment: Good work Momodou, I knew you could do it!

Name: Craven
Country: Canada Date: Wed Aug 2 17:21:49 2006
Comment: Well what can i say, great web site really enjoyed my visit. wish i had more time but i will return. thank you.

Name: Dr. Nick Riviera
Country: UK Date: Sun Jul 23 18:50:05 2006
Comment: Loved your site and will recommend to my patients.

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