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 Janneh Commission of inquiry on Y. Jammeh's assets
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Posted - 15 Nov 2017 :  12:10:44  Show Profile Send Momodou a Private Message
“My Relationship With Yahya Jammeh Was More of Social Relationship,” Amadou Samba

Foroyaa: November 14, 2017

By Mamadou Dem

Mr. Amadou Samba yesterday informed the Janneh Commission that his relationship with ex-president Jammeh was more of a social one and not a business partnership.

Mr. Samba testified that he had never participated in the negotiation for the sale of the Oil Company neither was he involved in the financial transaction or management of the Company. According to him, he was not involved in the said negotiation until when a contract was brought to him, which was the time he was involved in the transaction. He added that he was kept in the dark while describing his signature as a rubber stamp.

He however revealed that considering the nature of the environment at the time , he had no choice but to sign because when the former president decides, one dares not challenge it; that otherwise he will trample on the person. He pointed out that he also feared for his business and life.

Mr. Samba said he did not append his signature on a resolution dealing with a loan agreement amounting to $2.7 million involving SSHFC; that he was against the agreement but he had no veto power despite being the chairman of the Corporation. He claimed that he advised the Managing Director of the Corporation to return the money otherwise they will find themselves in prison.

On the sales of Kairaba Beach Hotel by the ex-President, Mr. Samba said he was the chairman of the board when the hotel was bought by MA Kharafi and Sons and the evidence given by MA Kharafi’s Country Coordinator was all concocted because he did not sign any agreement; that rather it was signed by Edward Gomez. He added that when the hotel went into liquidation, he was given an offer including Sun Beach Hotel but he needed a joint venture in Sun Beach Hotel and they decided to buy it at a tune of $11 million.

The business tycoon further informed Commissioners that his role as Chairman in many companies and institutions were symbolic because there were no board meetings; that Millennium Investment Company belongs to former president Yahya Jammeh including Kairaba Beach Hotel after he conducted his search.

Mr. Samba however refuted speculations or claims that he was a close associate of Jammeh because he never had any business relation with the former president; that if one involves him or herself in business with Jammeh, he will use all the money and send the person to jail; that their relationship was only based on friendship. He said Jammeh found him doing business in which he was successful since 1987, noting that Jammeh used to borrow money from him and if he asked him, he creates problems for him. According to Mr. Samba, the former president was using him at his own advantage and he had once opted to leave the country for fear of his life.

On the acquisition of Kairaba Beach Hotel by the former president, he said he had never sat with the former president after the acquisition of the said hotel; that he was appointed by the late Baba Jobe but he did not play any role in the negotiation of the said hotel neither had he any discussions with Momodou Lamin Sonko, Coordinator of MA Kharafi; that all the allegations and evidence given by Mr. Sonko against him were fabricated.

He said he had never had any business relationship with Jammeh but that Jammeh proposed to do business with him when he fell out with the late Baba Jobe; that this never materialized noting that he is neither a shareholder of Jammeh’s Companies nor a signatory to any of his accounts.

Responding to Commissioner Bai Mass Saine’s question, the witness said former president Jammeh had never given him any money in the form of Bank transfer; that all the allegations against him were meted by his enemies just to assassinate his character. He however acknowledged the fact that as a businessman, he was supporting Jammeh’s APRC party financially but he was never involved in business or politics with him. “My relationship with Yahya Jammeh was more on the phone and in fact it was more of a Social relationship,” said Samba.

Mr. Samba said the D3, 000,000.00 paid to him from Kanilai International Festival’s Tribute to Michael Jackson Account out of which, D11, 000,000.00 was deposited; that he tried to find out the purpose the payment was meant for; but that he believed it was for the sale of foreign currency which he used to do for the former president particularly in CFA. He however testified that the said transaction occurred a long time ago and he could not say what exactly it was meant for because he never knew a day like this will come.

When put to him by Counsel that his statement to the investigators shows otherwise, he said he did not do his homework then and that’s the reason for the contradiction in the statement and the evidence before the Commission.

At that juncture, Commission Counsel Amie Bensouda, told him that given that the said sum paid to him was from public coffers, he is required to account for it. Mr. Samba then said “I will make every effort to account for the D3, 000,000. A copy of the cheque issued in 2010 bearing the said amount was admitted in evidence as an exhibit.

Next to testify was the former Solicitor General and Legal Secretary, Mr. Pa Harry Jammeh, who was part of a delegation to Greece for a Joint Venture Agreement to acquire the Aljamdou and Kansala ferries.

According to Mr. Jammeh he was called and informed that he was nominated to be part of the delegation but he couldn’t remember who actually called him; that he signed the agreement because they were instructed by the office of the former president to do so prior to returning to The Gambia; that as legal adviser of Government, he gave his opinion on the agreement.

Further responding to Mrs. Bensouda, he said the Gambian delegation couldn’t say much on the agreement because the Greeks travelled to the Gambia before and held meetings with the former president; that he can’t remember who represented the office of the former president in Greece. According to him, at the time of the negotiation, he did not know how much was involved in the joint venture agreement. On the issue of sustainability of the ferries in Gambian waters, the witness said that never arose while they were in Greece. “I was not happy with the way and manner we were asked to sign because I thought we were negotiating,” said the witness. On how many properties were purchased by the former president while he was serving as Sheriff of the High Court, Mr. Jammeh testified that he remembered the former president buying the Mahoney Estate belonging to the Mahoney Family. At that juncture, Mrs. Bensouda urged the witness to furnish the Commission with his tenure as Solicitor and Sheriff of the High Court respectively.

Answering questions put to him by Commissioner Saine, Jammeh said he did not ignore the law for appending his signature on the Joint Venture Agreement based on Presidential directives; but that he acknowledged that it was unconstitutional and improper.

He adduced that with or without their signatures, the agreement would have been effected and without him signing, his life would have been at risk. Responding to Chairman Janneh, the witness said it was the Sheriff Division that represented Yahya Jammeh at the sales of the Mahoney Estate; that Mr. Amadou Samba represented him in some of the properties he purchased and some of the properties were made at fair market values while others were not.

Mr. Momodou Badjie, former Managing Director of the Gambia National Petroleum Company (GNPC) dwelled on the shares GNPC ventured into at the time he was MD; that in Gam Petroleum, they invested 10% while 15% was invested in Gambia Food and Feed Industry, GFFI; that prior to investing into GFFI, they were told that the investors were Qatari nationals and would handle everything including the construction of the facility and its management.

He said a meeting at state house chaired by then secretary general Njogu Bah, intimated to them that it was a presidential directive for GPA, GNPC and SSHFC to invest in this project and they complied; but that he told them GNPC was in a position to put only 15%; that he left them alone because as Managing Directors, they would not invest into GFFI but the situation at the time compelled them to do so.

Sitting continues today at the Djembe Hotel in Kololi.

A clear conscience fears no accusation - proverb from Sierra Leone
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Posted - 15 Nov 2017 :  15:31:54  Show Profile Send Momodou a Private Message
‘I never wanted to be a secretary general’Njogu Bah tells commission

The Point: Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Njogu Bah, the former secretary general and head of Civil Servants, yesterday told the Janneh Commission that he had never wanted to be a secretary general.

He said that he wanted to remain as secretary to cabinet, adding that it was difficult to work with the former president.

He stated that he was secretary general to serve the interest of the people, but unfortunately he could not because of the threats and bad treatment by the former president.

Mr. Bah posited that they worked long hours, and “you could not see your family.”

He said he advised the former president, and because of this, he was imprisoned.

He adduced that they were accused of signing directives but Gambians never came out to challenge the former president.

Earlier, he dwelled on Conaco’s arbitration and joint venture with the former government.

He was given a document relating to the sale agreement between Conaco and the former government, concerning some fuel.

Mr. Bah stated that delegates from the company came to see the former president, further noting that after the meeting with the former president, he was called in.

He said they told him that the delegates were engaged in sand mining.

He testified that documents were given to him to sign, adding that there was another meeting with the Ministry of Finance and GNPC.

He said that Momodou Lamin Badjie and Mamburay Njie were present at the meeting.

Mr. Bah disclosed that an agreement was sent to the solicitor general for advice, further stating that they decided not to go for a higher price of fuel than what was available.

He testified that the investors told them to prove that they would stay in The Gambia, they would engage in agriculture.

Mr. Bah told the commission that the former president was also interested in feed mill, adding that then they signed the contract.

He adduced that when the government side was honoured, they paid, further saying that the investors were not willing to pay their dues.

He posited that there was a threat from the former president, and the investors left the country.

Mr. Bah disclosed that Ansumana Jammeh convinced the investors to come back, and that when things could not be solved amicably, they sued the former government.

He testified that the pricing of fuel was not available at Euro Africa, adding that the pricing became an issue when there was a comparison.

He said that a contract was signed, and that it was Pa Harry Jammeh who advised them that they could sign the contract.

Mr. Bah narrated that an account was opened for payment, adding that there was a business plan as to who should pay and how much each should pay.

He said that there was no evidence to show that the investors had paid, but the former president told them that the investors were going to bring money to the country, and that the investors represented the interest of the former president.

He adduced that there was technical advice.

Concerning the two ferries, namely Kansala and Aljamdu, he said there was a group of investors from Greece and were introduced to the former president and had a meeting with him.

He disclosed that the reason of the meeting was that the investors had vast experience in shipping and they were interested in the ferry services.

Mr. Bah testified that there were problems because the ferries were failing, further noting that the investors said they wanted to make a phase lift on the ferries, and also wanted to make them profitable.

He adduced that the former president was interested and though that this would solve the ferry problem, adding that the investors were asked to meet GPA officials, who were later asked to travel to Greece to see what the investors were doing.

Mr. Bah stated that there was a delegation that went to Greece to meet the investors, further noting that it was his office that determined the composition of the delegation.

Mr. Bah posited that they went to Greece but he was not part of the people who signed the contract.

He disclosed that the meeting in Greece was to ascertain the suitability of the vessels and their operations.

He revealed that upon their return to the country, a report was prepared and the former president asked them to go ahead with the investors.

Author: Dawda Faye

A clear conscience fears no accusation - proverb from Sierra Leone
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Posted - 16 Nov 2017 :  13:12:41  Show Profile Send Momodou a Private Message
‘We were forced to sign documents’

The Point: Thursday, November 16, 2017

Lang Conteh yesterday told the Janneh Commission that they were forced to sign documents.

He was explaining how the former president took over ownership of Kairaba Beach Hotel.

He said he and Baba Jobe were invited by the former president, who told them he would transfer ownership of the hotel to Amadou Samba.

He adduced that they told him that they should transfer the management to Amadou Samba, adding that they received a letter indicating that the management of the hotel was transferred to Amadou Samba.

Mr. Conteh posited that Amadou Samba found him at the hotel and he told him that the management was transferred to him.

He said from there, he had nothing to do with the hotel.

He testified that he resigned and was arrested and detained for 7 months, further noting that Baba Jobe was also arrested and detained.

Mr. Conteh disclosed that they were put on pressure by the NIA to transfer ownership to the former president, adding that he was escorted to the director general of NIA, and asked to sign some documents and were told that they would then gain freedom.

He testified that Mr. Ousman Sowe was in charge of his case with one Sheikh Omar Jeng.

He stated that they were not allowed to read the documents.

Mr. Conteh narrated that he could not read what was on the letterhead, further stating that he asked them to allow his lawyer to be present but they refused.

He adduced that Baba Jobe was handcuffed, adding that they signed because they had no choice.

He stated that they were rearrested for another month, revealing further that he was tried and sentenced.

Mr. Conteh disclosed that there was nothing on the charge sheet which stated anything about Kairaba Beach Hotel.

He testified that he could recognise Baba Jobe’s signature.

At this juncture, he was given some documents to confirm whether they were Baba Jobe’s signatures, but he said the documents were forged.

Mr Conteh posited that Baba Jobe was his close friend, further stating that he had seen Baba Jobe’s signature many times, because he did business with him.

He narrated that his lawyers wanted to defend him when he was charged, adding that the state did not want the issue of Kairaba Beach Hotel to be mentioned at the court.

Mr. Conteh said that he was told that they would go for plea bargain for lesser sentence.

He revealed that state guard soldiers went to Camelot and confiscated it, adding that he went to Dakar in exile for seven years after his conviction.

He adduced that apart from Kairaba Hotel, the contact he had with former president was when the former president withdrew some money from the Central Bank.

Mr Conteh adduced that the bank wrote a petition to tell the former president that he should not withdraw monies from the bank, and that they also informed the former vice president that the former president took D10, 000,000 from the bank.

He said this was reported to the IMF, further noting that the NIA officials took all the documents he kept at his home.

Mr Conteh testified that Baba Jobe transferred 49% shares to him, further stating that there was no personal incentive in the transaction.

He said that the former president did not pay anything in the acquisition of the hotel.

Adama Njie was the next person to testify.

She said she is a public servant and is working at the Ministry of Environment, but had also worked at the Office of the former President as an accountant.

She adduced that her duties were payment of per diems, adding that from 2011 to 2016, the former president was given D302, 000,000 as per diem.

Mrs Njie said that over D7, 000,000 per diem was paid to the former president and delegation, adding that D69, 600,000 was paid to the former president as per diem for six trips.

Author: Dawda Faye

A clear conscience fears no accusation - proverb from Sierra Leone
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Posted - 17 Nov 2017 :  08:08:01  Show Profile Send Momodou a Private Message
Lang Conteh Narrates Ordeal with the Former Regime

Foroyaa: November 16, 2017

By Mamadou Dem

Continuing with his testimony before the ‘Janneh’ Commission that is probing into the financial dealings, assets and close associates of former president Yahya Jammeh, the former Foreign Exchange Manager at the Central Bank of The Gambia Lang Conteh, alleged that the ‘Paul’ Commission was setup purposely to investigate him on how he acquired his assets and other luxuries.

According to him he has been into investments since he was in University in the United States and that he invested substantially in Stock Exchange; that this was where he acquired most of his wealth prior to his return to the Gambia in 2000.

Earlier, he said when he was arrested and charged, there was nothing in the charge sheet regarding Kairaba Beach Hotel neither was it mentioned during the course of his trial. He reiterated that the former president wanted him and Baba Jobe to transfer ownership of Kairaba to Amadou Samba, but they insisted and the only thing they agreed on was to transfer the management to Mr. Samba which they did in the form of a letter and signed; that when he went to the hotel to deliver the letter to the Manager, Mr. Samba showed up but that Baba Jobe was not happy with that; that since after that transaction, he did not know anything about the hotel.

The former Manager said when he was arrested he made a statement about Kairaba Beach Hotel, noting that after seven months of detention at the NIA, Mr. Jobe was also brought and they were forced to sign a document on the basis that they will be freed despite the presence of his lawyer, Antouman Gaye at the NIA, who wasn’t allowed to enter; that his case was investigated by the current Director General of the State Intelligence Service (SIS) together with Sheikh Omar Jeng.

Asked what relationship he had with the late Baba Jobe, the witness responded that Mr. Jobe was his friend prior to becoming a business associate and it was held that he would be responsible for the outstanding $2,000,000.00 for the purchase of Kairaba.

When shown a document bearing his signature with Baba Jobe regarding the transfer of ownership, he said when he was working at the Central Bank, there was nothing like transfer of ownership until when they were arrested and detained by the former regime; that the document they signed while in detention and the one before the Commission were at variance.

During his trial, he said the then Director of Public Prosecution Emmanuel Akim asked for a plea bargain because they did not want the issue of Kairaba to surface in the trial; that he was sentenced to a year which was reduced to five months because of the seven months he spent in detention at the NIA; that all his businesses were confiscated before he went into exile in Senegal. He said prior to the confiscation of his businesses, armed soldiers mounted his Camelot shop and ordered him to close which he said triggered him to go into exile at the said country. On why he and one Abdoulie Cham of CBG went to the United States to negotiate a loan for president Jammeh, he said they were mandated by the former governor of the bank and the loan was finalized. The witness further testified that after he exposed Jammeh’s financial behaviour to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the IMF came up with a condition that the CBG should be an independent bank.

“As the former Foreign Exchange Manager, I report to the Finance Director and General Manager and the balance sheet of the bank then was very transparent and there was nothing that could be hidden. Yahya Jammeh never put a dime for the acquisition of the Kairaba Beach Hotel. It was only after he knew that Baba Jobe has completed the purchase, that he intervened and took ownership of the hotel forcefully,” he disclosed.

According to him the governor of the bank and his deputy, together with the finance director, were the principal officers who could have allowed the former president to take away money without the knowledge of the foreign exchange department and had it been there was no change of government, he (Conte) would have been languishing in Mile Two by now.

Mr. Conteh told Commissioners that when he came from the United States, he found the management of CBG complaining about how the former president loots money from the bank; that he was the first person to ask management to put a stop to it. He said Jammeh’s act for rampant withdrawals of money from the bank, was among the reasons the dalasi depreciated negatively at the time; that the total money Jammeh took from the bank at the time was $10,000,000.00 and they asked him to pay back the money which was done. Mr. Conteh further testified that Baba Jobe transferred 49% of shares of the hotel as well as in “money shop” but there was no document to authenticate this.

Next to appear before the Commission was Adama Njie, former accountant at the office of the president. Mrs. Njie testified that she was responsible for the payment of per-diems. She said she could not remember exactly when she started dealing with the special security account from where the payment of per-diem was made from; that D302, 000,000.00 was spent on per-diem from 2011-2016. According to her, D7, 700,158.00 was spent as per-diem to the former president and his delegation to Washington in 2011 while in 2013 the sum of D69, 600,000.00 was paid in respect of six trips, out of which was a trip to Paris, France. At that point, Commission Counsel Amie Bensouda told the witness that she will be given time to put her house in order so that she can come back with the list of all the payments, trips and destinations she paid per-diem on.

Hearing continues today.

A clear conscience fears no accusation - proverb from Sierra Leone
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Posted - 17 Nov 2017 :  13:11:28  Show Profile Send Momodou a Private Message
Lang Conteh did not say the truth, Amadou Samba tells the commission

The Point: Friday, November 17, 2017

Amadou Samba yesterday told the Janneh Commission that Lang Conteh did not say the truth when he said in his testimony that the management of Kairaba Beach Hotel was transferred to him under the directive of the former president.

He said he did not sign anything in relation to Kairaba Beach Hotel, further stating that he had nothing to do with Lang Conteh.

Mr. Samba posited that he was dealing with Baba Jobe, adding that he had never sat with the former president, Lang Conteh and late Baba Jobe together.

He testified that Baba Jobe appointed him as chairman, further indicating that he never discussed the hotel with the former president, Lang Conteh and Baba Jobe.

Mr. Samba told the commission that Lang Conteh was acting like a “God” and that he was the Foreign Currency manager at the Central Bank.

He adduced that he had never dealt with the Foreign Currency Office at the Central Bank; adding that the former president never involved him when he was doing things.

Mr. Samba posited that he introduced one Peter Smith to Baba Jobe.

He said that from the beginning, he knew that it was intended to transfer Kairaba Beach Hotel to the former president.

He disclosed that Baba Jobe considered him (Amadou Samba) his brother.

He denied that he represented the former president in the acquisition of properties that were on sale at the Sheriff Division, adding that he was just acting as a middle man.

Mr. Samba disclosed that the former president purchased 47 properties and he had submitted documents to the commission in relation to the said properties.

At this juncture, a list of properties purchased by the former president, which was prepared by Mr. Samba, was tendered and admitted as an exhibit.

Mr. Samba narrated that he did not know the source of funding for the purchased of the properties, further noting that the properties were paid for in cash.

He stated that he negotiated for the purchase of the properties on behalf of the former president, saying further that Ida Drammeh and Salieu Taal were the solicitors for the purchase of the properties.

Mr. Samba informed the commission that he knew through one Ahmed that Mariam Jammeh Trust was created.

He was reminded that D6, 432,700 was spent on a water tank on the instructions of the former president, and he confirmed that the money was paid to him.

He said that it was the former president who asked him to find a quotation for a water tank, but he insisted that the quotation should be in the name of Kanilai Farm.

Mr. Samba adduced that he never expected that funds came from SSHFC for the purchase of the water tank.

He testified that the former president said he was going to pay 50% for the purchase of the water tank and SSHFC would pay the other 50%; that was not his business.

He said he did not owe his success to the former president, further stating that the former president was a dictator and a mad man.

Author: Dawda Faye

A clear conscience fears no accusation - proverb from Sierra Leone
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Posted - 17 Nov 2017 :  20:49:27  Show Profile Send Momodou a Private Message
“I Acted Middle Man For Former President,” Amadou Samba
Foroyaa November 17, 2017
By Mamadou Dem

Gambian Business Mogul Amadou Samba while continuing his testimony before the ‘Janneh’ Commission yesterday, disclosed that he only acted as a ‘‘middle man’’ for ex-president Jammeh, in the acquisitions of his properties among others.

He said his role to the former president cannot be described as representation for the former president, whom he described as a Dictator, Mad and Greedy person who spent money like “no one’s business”.

Reacting to allegations meted against him by Lang Conteh, former Foreign Exchange Manager at the Central Bank of the Gambia, Samba vehemently denied at any point in time having a conversation at State House with the former president together with Lang Conteh and Baba Jobe respectively, in connection to Kairaba Beach Hotel. He described Mr. Conteh as a ‘pathological liar’ and his testimony that the management of Kairaba Beach Hotel was transferred to him, was totally incorrect; that Mr. Conteh can’t show anything to the Commission justifying his allegations except if he fabricates a letter and submit it.

“I have nothing to do with Lang Conteh and Baba Jobe and there was no occasion where I sat with Lang Conteh, Baba Jobe and the ex-President, to discuss the issue of Kairaba Hotel. Mr. Baba Jobe appointed me as Chairman which was even symbolic and I have nothing to do with Kairaba except when Mr. Robert Aswandi contacted me on the sale of the hotel,” he said.

Further reacting, Mr. Samba testified that the only encounter he had with Lang Conteh was when he (Conteh), contacted him for the acquisition of Sun Beach Hotel; that he called him to say that he was going to offer $3,000,000 but that he just laughed because he knew Mr. Conteh was going to take that money from CBG, since he was at the nerve centre of the bank and even overshadowing the governor at the time. “I have never dealt with Lang Conteh when he was foreign exchange Manager,” he added.

Samba further said he has never represented the former president in the acquisition of his properties; that rather he only acted as a middle man and negotiated prices for him; that these were his roles and not otherwise as indicated by Pa Harry Jammeh; that he has no vested interest in Jammeh’s properties.

Samba however informed Commissioners that he introduced the late Baba Jobe to Peter Smith and that could be the reason of Baba appointing him as Chairman of the Hotel. “From the beginning, I knew that everything about the hotel was meant for ex-President Jammeh because after all, Baba Jobe was working for Yahya Jammeh and at the time Baba appointed me, he was the ‘de facto’ operator.”

Mr. Samba testified that it was based on suspicion that Baba took the sum of $2,000,000 from CBG, to complete the payments for the purchase of Kairaba and considering his relationship with him, he couldn’t reject his appointment as Chairman of the Hotel.

“I won’t agree with Mr. Pa Harry Jammeh’s allegation on the acquisition of the former president’s properties because my only role was to negotiate prices for him and Jammeh will always counter offer and asked me to send those selling their properties to his lawyer and the money for the purchase is usually delivered to his solicitor,” Samba expounded. He said among the solicitors of the former president were Ida Drammeh and Salieu Taal

Testifying further, the witness disclosed that the former president contacted him to negotiate for the Mahoney Estate. “I have never attended and would never attend auction sales. I was just acting like a middle man for the ex-president and I would not call that a representation for the former president.”

He said he voluntarily submitted 47 properties acquired by the former president to the investigators in the name of Kanilai Family Farm (KFF) and KGI which were admitted and marked as exhibits. However, Mr. Samba said he wouldn’t know the source of funds for the acquisition of these properties but he at times pays in cash.

At that point, Commissioner Saine puts it to him that since Jammeh borrows money from him occasionally, this shows that Jammeh cannot acquire those properties on his own. Mr. Samba responded that Jammeh spent money like no one’s business; that he never received rental fees on behalf of the former president.

On the issue of loans taken from Social Security for the acquisition of a Water Tank for KFF amounting to D6, 4032,700, he confirmed receiving the said sum after he took a quotation on behalf of the President for the purchase of a 1000 cubic metre tank which, he said was installed in Kanilai Village.

Responding to Commissioner George on whether he wasn’t concerned that money was being taken from SSHFC, he responded in the negative; that there were consequences if one attempts to refuse Jammeh’s proposals.

At that juncture Commission Counsel Bensouda applied to tender documents relating to the shipment of the water tank as exhibit. Mr. Samba couldn’t explain clearly to the Commission how monies relating to the Tank were paid but he said after the engineers received the full payments, the tank was delivered.

On Mariam Yahya Jammeh Trust, the witness said he came to know about it through one Muhammed, who got married to the former First Lady’s cousin.

Highlighting on some of his achievements, Mr. Samba outlined that when he ventured into cement business, he helped to bring the price down and also invited lots of investors in the country and provided employment to many Gambians as well. He however accused the former president as a dictator and greedy person. “I was suffering in silence,” he told the Commission.

On why he allowed the former president to use his properties without paying him rent, he said he accepted it out of fear while recollecting that when he wrote a letter to Jammeh telling him to step down, he sent the then Director of the NIA to go after him but they couldn’t find him.

He finally disclosed that he owns Standard Chartered House at Traffic Light and acknowledged that he was involved in some of the properties purchased by the former president. Meanwhile, Mr. Sheriff Sawaneh, Contractor and Proprietor of Competent Company, reappeared with a bunch of documents which were admitted as exhibits.

Hearing continues on Monday 20th of November, 2017.

A clear conscience fears no accusation - proverb from Sierra Leone
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Posted - 21 Nov 2017 :  13:07:17  Show Profile Send Momodou a Private Message
Amadou Samba was involved in the sale of Kairaba says coordinator

The Point: Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Momodou Lamin Sonko, the coordinator at MA Karafi Company, yesterday told the Janneh Commission that Amadou Samba was involved in the sale of Kairaba Beach Hotel.

He was asked whether MA Karafi obtained the title deed when Kairaba was purchased, and he said that they preferred the lease in the name of their company. He said that he was not sure whether they obtained the title deed.

Mr. Sonko stated that the title deed was with Standard Bank, because the hotel owed the bank $2,000,000.

It was put to him that that the sale of the hotel was endorsed by Edward Gomez, and he said that he never saw Edward Gomez during the transaction of the sale of the hotel, adding that Amadou Samba signed the sale document.

Mr. Sonko further adduced that Mary Samba represented MA Karafi during the discussion of the sale of the hotel, adding that the sale was between his company and the former president.

“We offered Mary Samba $10,000 when she asked for $15,000 for representing MA Karafi,” he told the commission.

He disclosed that it was Amadou Samba who represented the former president in the sale of the hotel.

At this juncture, letters relating to the sale of the hotel to MA Karafi were tendered and admitted as exhibits.

He was also shown a document signed by one Catherine Tamba of Millennium Industry relating to the sale agreement, but he said that he had never seen the document.

Author: Dawda Faye

A clear conscience fears no accusation - proverb from Sierra Leone
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Posted - 22 Nov 2017 :  09:41:34  Show Profile Send Momodou a Private Message
“Amadou Samba Participated In The Sale Of Kairaba,” Momodou Lamin Sonko

Foroyaa: November 21, 2017

By Mamadou Dem

Momodou Lamin Sonko, Country Coordinator for MA Kharafi and Sons while making clarifications on the acquisition of Kairaba Beach Hotel by the former President Yahya Jammeh, confirmed that business tycoon Amadou Samba, was indeed involved in the sale of the said hotel.

According to him, the testimony of Lang Conteh was indeed correct in relation to the said hotel; that the Management of Kairaba was handed over to Mr. Samba; that Amadou’s sister Mary, represented MA Kharafi during the sale of the hotel and demanded the sum of $15,000.00 as legal fees for preparing the sale agreement document.

Mr. Sonko testified that they agreed for the new leased documents to bear the name of MA Kharafi but was quick to add that he is not sure whether they were given the new tittle deed; that at the time of the sale, the hotel owed the Standard Chartered Bank the sum of $2.6 million.

On the endorsement of the Sales agreement by Lawyer Edward Gomez, the witness said he never met Mr. Gomez during the course of their transactions and therefore does not know how this came about; that Mr. Amadou Samba represented the former president on the purchase of Kairaba and he signed on his behalf.

At that juncture, the witness made reference to a letter written by Mary Samba in connection with her legal fees which was admitted as exhibit.

“At the time of the purchase of the Hotel, I used to go with Amadou Samba to the Standard Chartered Bank,” he adduced. He said there was a specific manager to MA Kharifi’s account at the said bank.

On whether capital gains tax was paid, the witness revealed that he spoke to former president Jammeh about this but he responded to him that Amadou Samba will handle it. However, Commission Counsel Amie Bensouda, asked the witness to inform MA Kharafi and Sons to produce all the relevant documents relating to Kairaba and also inform them about the outstanding sum of $2,000,000.00 owed to the Central Bank of the Gambia, by the Hotel.

Correspondence between Mary Samba, Solicitor for Kairaba Beach Hotel and MA Kharafi and Sons and Standard Chartered Bank among others, all in relation to the sale of the Hotel, were admitted as exhibits.

At that point, the witness observed that the Sales Agreement tendered before the Commission and the one in position of MA Kharafi were at variance. Documents between Millennium Industrial Investments, General Trading and MA Kharafi relating to the same hotel were also admitted as exhibits.

Looking at a power of attorney, the witness told the Commission that it was the first time he saw that document.

Hearing continues today.

A clear conscience fears no accusation - proverb from Sierra Leone
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I will not be intimidated - says Counsel Bensouda

The Point: Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Amie Bensuda, counsel for the Janneh Commission, yesterday told the commission that she would not be intimidated.

She said this when Mary Samba, counsel for Amadou Samba, told the commission that Amie Bensuda had prepared documents in the transaction of Kairaba Beach Hotel . Mary Samba stated that she had evidence.

Mary Samba raised her concern that the commission’s counsel had asked Mr. Sonko, who was a witness, about her client. She said that the counsel still asked the witness questions about involvement of Mr. Samba in the sale of Kairaba Beach Hotel.

She argued that the counsel was there to assist the commission but not to personalise it, adding that the commission was deflating from the facts.

The chairman of the commission intervened and said that one could not come to the commission and make allegations.

Mary Samba then said that the counsel should advise herself whether she should be at the commission.

The chairman then said that the commission could not bar the counsel who has prepared a document for the transaction of the sale of Kairaba Beach Hotel from being at the commission. He said that they had the right to call for any document available. “We will not accept allegations,” he said.

In her response, Amie Bensuda stated that it was her duty to illicit evidence. She further argued that she had never acted for the former president in any activity.

She adduced that she may have prepared documents in the transaction of Kairaba Beach Hotel but she had no personal interest in the transaction.

At this juncture, Amadou Samba was reminded about a transfer of $197,801. He then said that the former president would ask him to seek for quotation, and that the quotation was for two trucks.

He posited that he would make sure that the quotation was in the name of Kanilai Family Farm. He then submitted the bill of laden to the commission.

It was subsequently tendered and admitted in evidence.

Mr. Samba told the commission that the evidence of Mr. Sonko was afterthought, and that Mr. Sonko deviated from his previous evidence. “Sonko manufactured the evidence,” he told the commission.

He was asked whether he was aware of a sale agreement signed by Catherine Tamba which was made available to the commission by Mr. Sonko.

Mr. Samba then had a look at the document and said that he had never seen the document, and that his name was not on the said document. He further stated that Mr. Sonko said earlier that he did not know anything about the document prepared by Edward Gomez, and yet Mr. Sonko had signed it.

He denied that he went with Mr. Sonko to Standard Chartered Bank in the transaction of Kairaba Beach Hotel. He further stated that Baba Jobe was working for the former president, and that he was sure that the hotel was bought on behalf of the former president.

Mr. Samba said that he could assume that the former president got the funds from the Central Bank to buy the hotel.

He was referred to some documents tendered earlier by Mr. Sonko, at this juncture. He said that Mr. Aswanden told him that when a hotel is sold, the stock would not be part of the sale. He testified that he had never met the Kairaba people.

On the Excel Construction Company Ltd., he said that he had 40% share, his son 30% and one Patrick also 30%.

Author: Dawda Faye

A clear conscience fears no accusation - proverb from Sierra Leone
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"She adduced that she may have prepared documents in the transaction of Kairaba Beach Hotel but she had no personal interest in the transaction."

So these documents were prepared "Gratis" how very kind of the lady.

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Posted - 23 Nov 2017 :  08:28:27  Show Profile Send Momodou a Private Message
She said she had "no personal interest in this process".
I believe the journalist quoted her wrongly.

Toubab, Listen to the specific proceeding (52nd sitting of the commission of enquiry) here on Youtube:

A clear conscience fears no accusation - proverb from Sierra Leone
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Posted - 23 Nov 2017 :  21:48:22  Show Profile Send toubab1020 a Private Message
Thanks Momodou for the link,I must say that it took me a long time to download ,the audio was not of the best quality breaking down on quite a few occasions.
The Chairman of the Commission was at pains to state that the Commission was not a court he also was at pains to point out that as evidence had NOT BEEN PLACED before the commission it could therefore not be examined.
I have no idea as to the terms of reference that were laid down for the Commission to do its work.The contents of the speeches that both parties made appeared to me to be Legalese,(a special language based on English in this case) that is used by Lawyers & members of the Legal profession worldwide.
Like me Dawda Faye is not a member of the legal profession,he is a respected Journalist,it is hardly surprising that he formed the opinion that he did,PERSONALLY I floundered to translate the language used into plain English that I can understand,I can only give my opinion on the WORDS THAT I READ.

"Simple is good" & I strongly dislike politics. You cannot defend the indefensible.

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Janneh Commission Visits Airport, Green Industry, MCG

Foroyaa: November 24, 2017

By Mamadou Dem

Malick Njock Jagne, an Aviation Safety Inspector yesterday revealed that the Gambia Government has recommended for sale, three aircrafts purchased by the former regime, given that they are too old and not airworthy. Mr. Jagne made this disclosure during the tour of the airport by the ‘Janneh’ Commission to inspect the State Aircrafts that were bought by the former regime. According to Jagne, an interested party from Kenya visited the Gambia Civil Aviation in connection with one of the Aircraft.

The Commission upon visiting the airport inspected the three state aircrafts, Green Industry, Westwood and Minerals Company of the Gambia, as part of their mandate to inquire into the financial dealings of the former president and his close associates. The delegation headed by the chairman of the Commission, Sourahata Janneh, were received by officials of the Gambia Civil Aviation Authority. They inspected all the three state aircrafts with the assistance of Mr. Jagne.

The first aircraft that was inspected by the delegation was the C5 RTG which was used by the former president, but is currently parked for servicing and maintenance, to make it airworthy.

Responding to questions from Commissioners, Mr. Jagne disclosed that the lifespan of an aircraft depends on the maintenance it gets; that aircrafts can serve as long as 40 years. However, he said they have terminated the services of the Russian crew that used to handle the aircraft but have an engineer who is taking care of them.

He said this particular aircraft seized operation since March 2017 and needs to be taken back to Russia for maintenance. He said they normally take the aircraft to Uzbekistan for maintenance.

While inspecting inside the aircraft, it was observed that they were in disorder to which Commission Counsel Amie Bensouda, suggested for the GCA to address. Mr. Jagne in response stated that they need someone who is licensed to clean inside the aircraft and put everything in order.

On the Boeing 727 aircraft, the Aviation Inspector, informed Commissioners that the said aircraft was built in 1971 and was acquired by the Gambia in October, 2012; that it was the last 727 built by Boeing who has recommended that it is not airworthy. He said the aircraft seized operation during the political impasse when it transported the former first lady from the United States of America.

The other aircraft inspected by members of the Commission was Illusion 62, manufactured in 1966 and used by the Saudi Prince. This was purchased together with the Boeing 727 by the former Gambia Government but was never used; that the air tractors beside the aircraft also known as 802, was purchased from the United States and was manufactured by Air Tractors Incorporation; that they are normally used for firefighting but at the moment, they are not operational.

According to him, there were some engineers who were trained to maintain the air tractors but part of this arrangement, was to get them fly; that they need to be competent in order to maintain them because you need to fly three takeoffs and landings every ninety days; that since the aircrafts were for Government, they did not have any indication what it was used for.

From there, the delegation proceeded to Minerals Company of The Gambia where they were received by Augustus Prom, the receiver of all assets run by the former president. After given a background on the Company, Prom Junior explained that it had an expert manager from France and its function was to test gold dust in the country and all the raw materials were supposed to be outsourced within the sub-region for processing. According to him, the investors were not confident that there was indeed some gold in the country as they weren’t satisfied with their initial tests in Basse; that the Company was setup in 2014 and the building was done by GAIPA; that together with the cost of the equipment, it amounted to $500,000.

He concluded that the company intended to deal with a variety of materials, because fertilizer was also discovered in the processing room.

Earlier, Captain Momodou Jallow of the Gambia Armed Forces informed the delegation that when Green Industry was banned in 2014, there was an inventory and the former president instructed both the Police and the Army, to use the materials such as dye perms and uniforms respectively; that since then, the stock was kept in stores within the building and he was in custody of the keys. Westwood workshop was the final place visited by the Commission.

A clear conscience fears no accusation - proverb from Sierra Leone
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Commodore Senghore: It was a setup for me to fail

The Point: Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Commodore Madani Senghore yesterday told the Janneh Commission that it was a setup for him to fail, when he was asked whether the navy should carry out fishing.

Commodore Senghore said he had served in the Navy for 29 years but was dismissed in February 2016 and reinstated in March, 2017; adding that he also served in Sierra Leone as deputy head of Mission.

According to him, the former president instructed him to negotiate for the buildings of fourteen boats which he said are at a standstill. However, he said out of the six that were built; three were with the State Guard while the other three were handed over to Ousman Jatta of Bakau alias Rambo. He said three boats are currently parked at Tanji and secured by naval personnel while one is being secured in Banjul by the same type of officers.

He said in May 2014, when the former president embarked on nationwide tour, they came across with a boat which attracted the president and he ordered him to find out the constructor which he did. He added that one Alhaji Jass Sam was the builder of the boat whom he invited to his office and after asking him the prices, he forwarded it to the president as instructed and later he received an email from the Ministry of Defence regarding the constructions of the boats.

Commodore Senghore further explained that there was directive from the former president for Lawyer Ida Drameh to be involved in the drafting of a contract agreement for building of the boats and after everything was finalized, the agreement was signed on the 6th of June, 2014. According to the navy chief, the contract was signed by himself, Yusupha Dibba, permanent secretary at the Ministry of Defence on behalf of The Gambia government.

He disclosed that the cost of the first two boats was D350, 000 each, while the second one was D375, 000 each. The third consignment was D400,000 each. “I am not aware of the source of the fund as I only received instructions to collect monies from the Ministry of Defence and hand over to the contractor. I also received instructions to handover three boats to Rambo Jatta in Bakau,” said the witness.

At that juncture, the commission’s counsel, Amie Bensouda inquired from him whether Mr. Jatta was ever a military officer, he responded in the negative and added that Rambo never served in the Armed Forces but was told that he is a youth leader and supporter of APRC. The witness explained that he was further tasked to find out the equipment for the boats after the completion of the construction and took quotations for the provision of engines and fishing nets which he acquired both in The Gambia and Senegal respectively.

Responding to counsel as to whether fishing was part of their mandates as navy officers, he responded in the negative noting that their functions was to regulate the marine resources and to regulate the activities of the fishermen but not to compete with them in the field. He revealed that there was a management comprising of senior military men to monitor the revenue of the boats, maintenance in order to ensure that there was transparency and accountability. He said 26 naval men were assigned to the boat for fishing, noting that the boats were running at a lost.

According to him, after his dismissal, Commodore Sillah Kujabi took over as the naval chief who also handed over to General Ansouman Tamba and since then he did not make a follow-up regarding the equipment and the boats. On the proposed 14 boats, the sum of D1.9 Million dalasi was the initial payment issued to the contractor and the total cost of the boats was D3, 220,000.

Documents relating to the constructions of boats and correspondences from Ministry of Defence and State House were admitted as exhibits.

Earlier Mr. Ebrima Sallah, managing director of Trust Bank Gambia Ltd. who was summoned to produce statements of accounts from the Taiwanese Embassy as well as transactions documents relating to the same account and Kanilai International Festival, Tribute to Michel Jackson Account.

According him, the said account was opened on the 8th February, 2006 and there was an inflow of $1,000,000 dollars and the last transaction on the account was on the 17 of January, 2013, in the sum of $1,999,899.79 and the account is at Zero. He added that the account was a transit account as funds go in and out of the account and was operated for almost 7 years during which dollars from this account were transferred or deposited into the former president’s personal account, PEGEP.

He said on the 16th of February, 2006, there was an inflow of $100,000 to Jammeh Foundation for Peace Account while on the 22 of February 2006 another $100,000 was deposited into the same account. On the 18 of April, 2006, D700,000 was deposited into PEGEP while on the 20th of April the same year there was another inflow of $500,000.

According to him, the sum of $1,780,000 was paid to Gambia National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) and on the 1st of August, 2006, 2, $210,000 while on the 7th September, 2007, there was an inflow of $300,000 and on the 29th of November, 2006, there was another $300,000 while on the 29th November, 2007 $100,000 was transferred to Yahya Jamme’s account and 17th January 2008, almost $2,000,000 was paid into Jammeh’s account.

Mr. Sallah further disclosed several other payments made from the Taiwanese Embassy Account to the account of the former president and HIV treatments. Transactions and statements of accounts were tendered as exhibits.

Responding to questions from Commissioner Bai Mass Saine, the witness said the account holder never explained the purpose of the account; adding that he wouldn’t know that their bank was used by the former president to transfer funds destine for the public at his own discretion. He said despite the account being a transit account, it was profitable to the bank hence there were charges on every transactions.

Hearing continues today.

Author: Dawda Faye

A clear conscience fears no accusation - proverb from Sierra Leone
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Gambian Commission Of Inquiry - Abdoulie Cham (Former Financial Controller Central Bank):Part 1

Gambian Commission Of Inquiry - Abdoulie Cham (Former Financial Controller Central Bank):Part 2

A clear conscience fears no accusation - proverb from Sierra Leone
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