Memories from The River Gambia. Lamin Koto, Barajally and Sankuleh Kunda Ferry Crossings, Kuntaur Wharf Town and Children waiting for the ferry to Jangjang Bureh (George Town) to attend school.

Lamin Koto crossing  February 2005

Ferry Niani at Barajally crossing  February 2005

Gambia River
Gambia River at Kuntaur Wharf Town - January 2002

Waiting for ferry at the Sankuleh Kunda crossing, November 2000.

A fisherman getting ready for going out fishing, November 2000

Women doing laundry at the riverside in Kuntaur Wharf Town, November 2000


Lamin koto ferry crossing. Janjang Bureh (George Town) in the background, April 1996.

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